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Margaret Ball EDMT 380.03 Fall 2004

Project One

Lesson/Unit Plan Outline

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bullet Learner Analysis
bullet Alignment Table
bullet Activity Sequence Summary

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In this lesson, students travel back in time to the 1880’s to discover what life was like for settlers living on the Montana frontier. Students will use the Internet to research the Homestead Act, the various reasons for settler migration to the West, the modes of travel to the frontier, and the materials and tools used for daily survival on the Montana frontier in the 1880’s. Students will use the research they gathered from a variety of Internet sources including pioneer journals and historical documents to complete a final project. The final project requires students to design and create a “Welcome to Montana Territory” trifold brochure for prospective settlers to the Montana Territory. In the brochure, students will include information about the land available under the Homestead Act, various methods of transportation to Montana, the tools and supplies needed for the frontier, the cost of the supplies in the year 1883 and present day, and a description of pioneer life. Students will learn about the history of the American frontier, learn about inflation, and develop math skills.


Learner Analysis
This lesson is suitable for students in grade 4. The class consists of about twenty five students. Students come from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds and learning abilities. The trifold brochure project is appropriate for fourth grade students because it satisfies the Wisconsin model Academic Standards for fourth graders learning language arts and math skills. The lesson requires them to conduct research and inquiry on an assigned topic and use an appropriate form to communicate their findings. Students will work in groups to accomplish the research and project. This will allow students with different ability levels and needs to contribute their strengths to the project and learn and receive guidance from their peers. Students with disabilities will be paired up with a learning partner. There are several extension activities that students who complete their portion of the project early can work on. Students can adopt a pioneer identity and write a letter to friends or family living back east describing their new frontier life. Students could also research a particular aspect of frontier life that interests them – another state, Native American tribes, farming, cooking, school, medicine – and prepare a power point presentation for the class.


Alignment Table:

WI Model Academic Standards Objectives Practice Assessment
Social Studies      
B.4.4 Compare and contrast changes in contemporary life with life in the past by looking at social, economic, political, and cultural roles played by individuals and groups

Students will list and discuss at least three reasons for settler migration out west.

Students will describe at least three methods of transportation settlers used as well as analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the types of transportation.

Students will list and describe the tools and supplies needed for frontier survival


Classroom and group discussion of the possible reasons for migration to the west.

Classroom viewing of instructional video, Frontier House, and discussion of the video including, reasons for migration, tools and supplies for survival, and life on the frontier.

Research using the topic hotlist.

Completion of worksheet that accompanies the viewing of the instructional video, Frontier House.

Completion of a trifold brochure, "Welcome to Montana Territory".

Language Arts      
C.4.1 Orally communicate information, opinions, and ideas effectively to different audiences for a variety of purposes. Students will categorize the information they researched using the topic hotlist and create a trifold brochure, "Welcome to Montana Territory".

Students will keep a written journal of the sites visited during their research and at least a sentence describing what they learned.

In groups, students will evaluate their information and organize it under topic headings.

Completion of the trifold brochure and presentation to the class.
Information and Technology Literacy      

A.4.2 Identify and use common media formats

  • listen to and view common audio and video media.
Students will watch a video and learn to analayze and evaluate its contents rather than passively view the program. Students will watch Frontier House to be able to answer question about what they learned from it. Complete a worksheet that accompanies the video viewing.

A.4.4 Use a computer and communications software to access and transmit information.

  • log on and view information from preselected sites on the Internet.
Students will demonstrate their knowledge of using a computer to access information by logging on and viewing information on the topic hotlist. Students will practice logging on and viewing information from the topic hotlist after watching the teacher model these activities.

written journal of the sites visited during their research and at least a sentence describing what they learned.

Trifold brochure project.


Activity Sequence Summary
Day one, discuss taking a trip, planning what to pack and what planning you need to do to move. Hand out worksheet and read over the questions to prepare students to watch the instructional video, Frontier House. Watch the video and complete the worksheet. After the video give students time to complete the worksheet and then discuss answers in group and as a class. Tell students that over the next few days we will travel back in time to the1880’s and become experts about frontier life. Days two, three, and four, tell students that we will research various aspects of frontier life and use our expertise to create a trifold brochure called, “Welcome to Montana Territory”. Groups will use the internet and topic hotlist to research the topics. Students will also learn about inflation. Days five, six, and seven design and create the trifold brochure.

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