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Project One

In this lesson, students will travel back in time to the 1880’s to learn about what frontier life was like. This lesson begins with an instructional video called, Frontier House, depicting what life might have been like for homesteaders on the Montana frontier in 1883. Students will then research frontier life using a topic hotlist. Information gathered from the topic hotlist such as: the Homestead Act; tools and supplies for the frontier life; the cost of those supplies in 1883 and today; methods of transportation to the frontier; and life on the frontier will be used to design and create a trifold brochure. The trifold brochure, “Welcome to Montana Territory”, will require the students to sort through and select information relating to the topics mentioned above, organize the information in a logical and coherent manner, apply the elements of design (proximity, alignment, repetition, contrast), and graphics in creating the brochure.

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Final Lesson Plan


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